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Episode 52 ” Its Time to get Naughty’ again”

Welcome or out 52nd Episode ” Its Time to get Naughty again”

In this episode, we break down our CRAZY week at the grandaddy of all LS Events- Naughty in Nawlins.

Its been awhile since we recorded, so we got a lot of catching up to do. We discuss major changes in our careers, and how that will affect our travel, marriage and lifestyle dynamics. We cover some new thoughts we have on our “hot-husbanding” plays, and get everyone caught up where  we will be on upcoming travels .

Then we dive head first into our crazy week working the biggest LS event in the nation. This year had a lot of ups and down, as well as some sexy and crazy stories to boot.

We dont want to give away too much of the surprises, so pull up a chair, grab a drink, and join us for this “super sized” episode !

Episode 51 “Naughty in Nawlins survival guide”

Whassup sexies??……..we are back from the great beyond with another fun filled episode !

The Month of June is quickly approaching and soon Naughty in Nawlins will be takig over the sweltering skyline of the BIG EASY.   We have many new friends and listeners that have reached out saying they will be joining us this year, and have asked us for our tips and advice. So, rather then responding over and over…… we decided to compile our best tips and suggestions to not only “survive” the week, but also thrive on the experience.

So , kick off your shoes, grab a cold drink and a hot lover, and join us for this months episode !

Episode 44 “We’re Talking Naughty (in Nawlins that is)”

Welcome to the 44th installment of The Swinging Flamingos Podcast. In this episode, we talk about the grand-daddy of events – Naughty in Nawlins.

This was the 25th anniversary of the event, as well as our 7th trip to the event. As per our normal bit, we lead into this event with no expectations, and end up having some sexy new experiences regardless.

We come once again as ambassadors for the event. We share the normal shenanigans we experience in setup, dealing with various staff, fun time shared with friends, reviews of classes, and other details of the event.

Then we get into the sexy stuff .  Mr and Mrs Flamingo have a wet and messy play session togeher in the semi private rooms. Then they have their first orgy with a group of sexy friends, and finally Mr Flamingo finishes out the week with a playmate and her boyfriend in the playrooms.

This is always one of our favorite lifestyle events, and after listening to these stories you will see why !

Episode 36 ” A Flamingos-eye view of Naughty in ‘Nawlins”

Episode 36…….. A review of Naughty in ‘Nawlins…..We could almost leave the description at just that!

We make it back to New Orleans for our 6th year at this flagship event, and as always, the event MORE then exceeds expectations.

This is SUCH a huge event, that its almost impossible to cover it adequately. Between the time we spent working as ambassadors for the event, hooking up with sexy friends, to partying our asses off, ONE full week was not quite enough time.

If you were there, reach out to us and let us know how your experience was !

Episode 35 ” Dealing with Lifestyle FOMO”

In this episode, we deal with how to deal with the Fear of MIssing Out, or FOMO, in the lifestyle.

Summer is here and events are in full swing. We cant possibly do it all, or can we ? We spend some time discussing what steps we take to avoid, or at least reduce, the effects of FOMO. We identify that this problem may hit some personality types more then others, and offer work thrus to avoid these dreadful feelings.

Before we discuss our topic, we catch you up on things that have been going on in our lives, and unfortunately delay some of our recordings. We talk about some upcoming events we have, such the The Club OKC Pool Party, Naughty in Nawlins, and of course our event…..Podbash in October.

Despite both of us suffering from summer colds, this was a fun episode to record. We hope you find it fun and educational as well. Now as always, “Lets go Flamingle”

Episode 33 “The Flamingos do the Temptation Cruise “

In Episode 33 “The Flamingos do the Temptation Cruise ”   We cover our recent adventure as part of the Feb 2022 Cruise

we kick off this episode in our usual way, by catching up on some smaller Lifestyle events, as well as a recent “poly date” . We find that while dating other couples has its quirks, its NOTHING like dating an established FMF “throuple”.

From there we jump into the grand-daddy of events, the Temptation Cruise out of Miami Florida . This was a trip we have been waiting on for a long time ! Unfortunately in some ways, it didnt live up to what we had hoped for .

Then we board the ship as Ambassadors for Naughty Events/Temptation. This was our first time doing this…an boy did we see some things. Part of our duties as ambassadors was to work the playrooms. Scheduling ended up having us in there on two different nights, which led to all sorts of things we had never seen before. You wont want to miss these stories !

So, sit back…pour yourself a tropical drink, and enjoy this new episode with us !

Episode 17 – “Do More Rules Mean Less Fun ?”

In Episode 17 – “Do more rules mean less fun?”, we finally break down what our rules are in the lifestyle, as well as our personal boundaries.

You thought we were done podcasting, but here we are with another crazy episode. We admit we have been out of the loop for a few weeks, and we finally fess up as to why.

We start off this episode with our recent travel adventures. First up was a hot date at our local Colette club, where Mrs Flamingo experiments with some girl play, until it’ abruptly cut short. Next we travel to Colette New Orleans, for another fantastic icandy party.

Diving head first in to this months topic, we talk about our rules, why we have them in place, and also how we have made refinements to them over the years. We also look at some unique rules we have heard over the years, and what our takes were on these.

We share a few secrets in this episode as well, so wont you come “Flamingle” with us?