Episode 52 ” Its Time to get Naughty’ again”

Welcome or out 52nd Episode ” Its Time to get Naughty again”

In this episode, we break down our CRAZY week at the grandaddy of all LS Events- Naughty in Nawlins.

Its been awhile since we recorded, so we got a lot of catching up to do. We discuss major changes in our careers, and how that will affect our travel, marriage and lifestyle dynamics. We cover some new thoughts we have on our “hot-husbanding” plays, and get everyone caught up where¬† we will be on upcoming travels .

Then we dive head first into our crazy week working the biggest LS event in the nation. This year had a lot of ups and down, as well as some sexy and crazy stories to boot.

We dont want to give away too much of the surprises, so pull up a chair, grab a drink, and join us for this “super sized” episode !

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