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Episode 22 – “Fifty Shades of Kink”

In Episode 22 – “Fifty Shades of Kink”, we break down and discuss some various kinks and fetishes we have encountered over the years.

Since our last few episodes have been a bit more serious in nature, we decide to lighten things up an throw a bit a humor at you.

We start with updating you on our travels, which included a car show trip to Oklahoma CIty that finds us on the side of the road, .a work and party trip that starts with a fist fight on the side of the road, and a crawfish boil that we sneak off early, in hopes of bagging a unicorn for the night.

Then we get into some kinks and fetishes, some of which we have never discussed before, and end up being surprise at each others answers. From impact play, to water sport, we trough through multiple scenarios, and discover that we might have some “furries” action in our near future.

So…..come along and flamingle with us !