Episode 8.5 “Hey, that extra 1/2 matters!”

We try something new in Episode 8.5 “Hey, that extra 1/2 matters”

We decide that we would start doing temporary “follow up” shows to catch the listeners up on what is going down in our world!

In this episode we talk about getting blasted on social media for choosing to attend a few events. We talk about Mrs Flamingos receiving her first public golden shower, and we find Mr Flamingo some new swimwear in the gay boutiques.

We take a minute to catch up on all the sexy new features and members we are enjoying onĀ  www.AltPlaygroud.net


3 thoughts on “Episode 8.5 “Hey, that extra 1/2 matters!”

  1. suguna varma

    Oh! Man I feel sorry for being abused online. But you should not feel depressed about it.Please do keep ur smiles….


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