Episode 32 – “I’m expected to do WHAT??”

In Episode 32 – “I’m Expected to do WHAT??” we play off some local club drama, where someoneĀ  felt that just because they were at a lifestyle club, that they were entitled to play. We try to be unbiased and cover both sides of the argument but feel this is a very cut and dried issue.

While its been awhile, we recently got to attend the Icandy party at Colette in Houston Texas. We start the weekend with a dinner with the group. We also get to attend a private party at the owner of Colette’s home, and get to see some amazing artwork on super sexy models, in the form of tape Bikinis.

Kimmi catches us up on the details of a birthday party we attended for Lees boss, but unfortunately Lee misses out due to sudden illness.

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