Episode 25 ” Sun, Buns, and Where’s Waldo?…..Our Club OKC Pool Party Adventure”

Episode 25 ” Sun, Buns, and Where’s Waldo?”   Wow…………not even sure where to start on describing this episode ! As always, The Club OKC Pool Party DOES NOT disappoint ! In fact, there is so much sex and silliness in this episode that we go WAYYYY past our normal hour of recording time !

We cover the basic stuff of what happens at this week long party. Everything from contests, to cook outs, to poolside shenanigans.

We try some new styles of play, and while we dont normally kiss and tell, the details of these encounters were too steamy not to share . As always, we take time to re-evaluate what we have experienced together and separately, and decide if it fits our style of play. It sounds like we might have found some new tricks to add to our adventures.

So kick back, enjoy our style of nonsense, and let us know what you think !


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