Episode 20 ” Curse of the Flamingos ” a.k.a. Our Weekend in Miami

What’s this……2 episodes in the same month ?

Anyway, fresh off the heels of our trip to Miami to meet with George and Ann of the The Group/ Just for Dinner. (https://the-group.co/) we decide to hit you guys with a fun bonus episode.

As we work our way to a sexy yacht in MIAMI, we deal with multiple issues before actually setting foot on the boat. While in Florida, we get to meet up with a host of sexy podcasters from APG (https://www.altplayground.net/) . While we were all on our best behavior, you cant put together a group of podcasters without attracting the attention of the police (multiple times at that )

This episode is standard for most of our trips, fun, sexy, wacky….and just plain screwed up at times.

So ….won’t you come “Flamingle” with us on our adventures ?

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