Episode 41 ” How we pick our Playthings”

Episode 41 ” How we pick out playthings”

Welcome to the long awaited and overdue 41st episode of our show. In this episode, we answer the tough question of how we go about choosing our play partners. As you will hear, we both have different things we look for, different ideas on what it takes to make a good partner, and have quite opposite views of how some of this works .

We talk a litle bit about some personal details that have kept us out of the scene as of late. We talk about some upcoming events that are right around the corner such as Naughty in Nawlins, PodBash 3, and a roadtrip with some sexy swinger friends we got planned. And as always, our usual pointless nonsense !

So pour a drink, get comfy and enjoy….its a long one (that’s what she said) !


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