Episode 16- “Year One” Issues.

In Episode 16 “Year One” Issues, we discuss some problems we have seen pop up over the last few months.

“Year One” issues are something we feel most couples should have worked thru and discussed VERY early in their introduction into swinging. As you will hear, some of these problems may pop up at ANY time.

We’ve had A LOT of adventures lately. In this episode we talk about the iCandy parties (https://icandyparties.com/events.html we have been attending in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. We have also had some more intimate birthday parties with some friends to the north.

Staying with topic, we discuss multiple examples of problems that hit a boiling point, but could have been handled much different. We address how these issues could be fixed with what we call the 3-C’s : Communication, Common Sense, and Courtesy.

Lastly a big shout out to our twitter photo winners Texas LS Couple from Amarillo, and Haylee,ndStu all the way from Australia. They will be getting some swag from our storeĀ https://www.fullswapshop.com/theswingingflamingos/. Also be sure and check out our sponsorĀ https://www.altplayground.net/

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